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Sales Strategy Software is a new category of innovative, intuitive tools that enable and elevate your sales process. Using INK will raise the level of selling skills and increase your chances of success through the creation of daily habits, a consistent approach and better pursuit strategies. You should expect higher Win Rates and a decreased Cost of Sale through improved deal qualification and a more strategic approach to the opportunities that you choose to pursue.

There are two discrete software tools built into INK.

Sales Pursuit Assessment (SPA)

The SPA is a point-in-time qualitative and quantitative tool used by the owners of individual pursuits to understand where they are positioned based on key question areas. The objective is to understand current positioning as a decision making and action-planning tool based on available information and data. As a component of the organization’s formal Sales Process, the SPA gives the team common information at a critical point in the pursuit based on the important question areas: – Will they make change? Should we invest in the pursuit? Are we different? Can we win?

Sales Pursuit Assessment


The number of “No Decisions” now outpaces both Wins and Losses for most Sales teams. Being able to determine whether a prospect is likely to change from the status quo is critical to your effectiveness, productivity and cost of sale. We need to be able to identify and invest in the right opportunities.

Sales Pursuit Assessment 2


The ability to understand your deal positioning at any point-in-time is traditionally a subjective exercise that relies on the experience of the sales team. The ability to remove emotion and to use facts to support both Action Plans and Decision Making improves predictability at any point in a sales cycle.

Win Strategy

As the name implies, the Win Strategy contains 7 sequential modules that ask critical questions and provide guidance to help create a Sales Strategy that maximizes your chances of success.

Win Strategy 1


Your ability to understand how you are going to be judged or the decision-making criteria is vital to your success. Your ability to differentiate and potentially change the game extends from an uncommon understanding of both how you are being judged and your ability to influence the rules. This a common area of opportunity with most Sales Reps.

Win Strategy 2


What would your Reps say if you asked them what their strategy was for any given pursuit? Common language and understanding is important, but the real value is being to take what you know and being able to translate your position into a strategy choice and a tactical plan. It is difficult to innovate if you do know where you are and what might be possible.