Sales Training

Since starting Force, we have done hundreds of interviews with executives on the topic of business priorities and the role of Sales. The three most common things that we hear are:

1 The need for organic growth.

2 Sales cycle complexity is negatively impacting sales cycle length, cost of sale and win rates.

3 The ability to differentiate Value versus the competition is causing margin pressure.

Organizations grow organically through increased profitable sales to the right clients. It is accepted that B2B sales cycles are more complex with an increased number of stakeholders participating in the decision making process. A well-trained sales force is definitely a competitive advantage.

Less than 50% of sales reps globally achieve their annual sales quota

less than 50% of sales reps globally achieve their annual sales quota

less than 50% of sales reps globally achieve their annual sales quota

In the absence of a common methodology and approach across the sales organization; sales leaders and sales reps will default to their own experiences to drive success. Inconsistent approaches lead to inconsistent results and are a major reason that less than 50% of sales reps achieve their annual sales quota.

Combine classroom training with consistent coaching, reinforcement and tools

Introduce concepts and reinforce them to become daily habits. By creating alignment to your Sales Process and imbedding those principles into your Governance, training is now consistently reinforced as part of how you do business. Force created INK Sales Strategy Software as a tool to build effective daily habits and to be an on-the-job training tool for management and sales people.

The Force training methodology builds upon the principles that we developed in INK. This methodology is customized to align to the needs and processes of your firm.

In addition, Force Inc. is one of 15 global partners for the Corporate Executive Board and their Sales Transformation practice. Working with CEB’s Fortune 500 on their sales transformation journey, Force Inc. facilitates several different pieces of sales strategy work including their renowned “Challenger Sale”.