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What’s in a name?

The exercise of creating a brand can be fun, energizing and frustrating at the same time. The creative process to find a name that is unique and descriptive is followed by the exercise to try and incorporate that brand along with the required domain name. We wanted to have a little fun with it at the same time.

So, to be clear, we are not a car manufacturer or a military training group. We have built our brand as a fun descriptor of what we do and how we do it. Where we begin the conversation with clients is around the central tenant of “how they sell”. The engine that drives sales requires a well-defined, consistent and reliable model, which is the Sales Process. There is some fresh thinking in this area that we believe creates simplicity, clarity, alignment, leverage and ultimately, effectiveness from the sales organization.

The term Force has become a descriptor of the sales organization and the revenue generation side of a business. The software products and services we provide are centered around the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the sales force, but knowing there will be broader positive impact beyond just the sales organization. You will see a dotted line consistently in our logos as a purposeful reminder of what Strategy and Execution are all about, which is getting the client to sign on the dotted line

INK is a similar descriptor of the last stage of a Sales Process or the proverbial ink on the dotted line. We designed and created Sales Strategy Software to raise the bar, create daily habits, consistent language and ultimately to drive higher effectiveness within our sales pursuits.

The legal name of our company is Force Inc. but is was more interesting to combine branding in our domain name, so welcome to forceink.com.

Welcome to FORCE Inc. and our innovative INK Sales Strategy Software.

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The Team

Blair Goulet


Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Prior to founding Force Inc., Blair was President of Open Solutions Canada from 2005 through 2010 where he led the 300-person software company on a growth journey that doubled the size of the company to $75M in the first three years. Appraised value of the CDN business quadrupled in that time and was a material part of the NASDAQ traded public company going private at a 40% market premium or $1.4B.

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Will Harris


Co-Founder & Partner

Will’s strength is rolling up his sleeves and getting things done. He has the ability to both understand complex technology and its application in solving business problems. He has thrived in both Direct and Channel sales environments. Much of his success has been due to the creation of non-traditional Sales channels that have driven immediate incremental revenue. Some of the companies Will has worked with include; Xerox, Telus, Phybridge, Mitel and Ceryx just to name a few.

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