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Force believes that “How you sell“ is the basis for competitive sales advantage and the foundation for all other sales related decisions.

Sales Strategy Consulting

What are the factors of competition in your industry by which you are judged?
What really makes you different? Is this differentiation valuable?

These are just a couple of the questions Sales Strategy consulting help answer. Having a second set of focused eyes on your business from people who have been there is the best way to help you understand what is needed to achieve your long term business goals. Knowing what you don't know and positioning your company based on real information is key to aligning a strategic sales plan with your business and revenue strategy.

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Ink Sales Strategy Software

Are you involved with long, complex sales?
Are you looking for more success and better win rates on sales pursuits?

Ink Sales Strategy software helps organizations formalize and standardize across the business unit to help teams quantifiably determine “Can we win?” This is a fundamental problem with most organizations. Ink Sales Strategy software enables and empowers sales teams to make more informed decisions based on proven methodologies and data points in the sales process. With the right information, better decisions are made. When better decisions are made, Win rates increase and cost of sale decreases.

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CEO’s only

Strategy [and execution] are all about growth. Revenue is typically the key metric. Your sales organization is the critical link between your growth strategy and your ability to execute. Regardless of your tenure, you likely have a very clear perspective on the effectiveness of your sales organization and their ability to execute. We have asked over 100 senior executives to rank the effectiveness of their sales organization (scale of 1-10] and the average is answer is 6. Given what is required from Sales at your company in the years ahead, is now the time to think about Sales Transformation?

You Know Change is Needed

Sales Training

Business Leader: “What if I invest money in sales training and my salespeople leave?”

Force: “What if you don’t invest in training your salespeople and they stay?”

A tongue-in-cheek example, but it holds very true. We have seen a significant decrease in the investment that B2B organizations are willing to make in sales training and development initiatives due to a number of factors. The truth is that a B2B sale is more difficult today than it has ever been. Are you sending your salespeople out to critical meetings unprepared? Sales training from Force Inc. is customized for our clients’ sales strategy with unique tools designed to reinforce learning and maximize performance.

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